Asclepias tuberosa

(Butterfly Weed)


HP, Zone 4-9
  • Grow in full sun and well drained soil.
  • Use cut flowers in flower arrangements.
  • Attracts butterflies.

Asclepias tuberosa:
The Butterfly Weed is an attractive border plant, producing dense heads of orange flowers. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to establish and keep.

Height: 18 inches (1.5 feet)
Spread: 12 inches

Flower Color: Orange
Inflorescence Form: Head (a short dense flower spike) Season(s) of Interest: Early Fall

Culture Notes:
This plant has a very deep root, so grows best in deep sandy soil. Rarely survives attempts to transplant. Will rot in wet soils.

Pre-sowing Treatment:

Indoors Sowing:
Chill in a refrigerator for 3 weeks

Sowing Depth: Cover Lightly

Indoors Sowing:

Sowing Method: Sow at 65-70F
Germination Time: 21-28 days
Seedling Temperature: 60-65F

Grow Outdoors:

Sow indoors 56 days before planting outside.
Sow between March 11 and July 21 to plant outside between May 06 and September 15.
Matures 365 days after planting outside.

Outdoors Sowing:

Sowing Method: Scatter in a prepared area
Germination Time: 21-35 days

Grow Outdoors:

Can be sown outdoors between April 29 and September 15. Do not sow between May 30 and August 16.
Matures 365 days from sowing.

Seed Storage:
Store in the Freezer. Viable for approximately 5 years.

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