Sample Seed Inventory

This is the same seed inventory shown in the example image in the Quick Tour's "Seed Inventory" page. As you can see, the same data layout is used. As an example, you could use this type of a web page to let other users on the Internet know what seeds you have available for sale or trade.

When you create a web page in SeedPlanner you also have full control over what is displayed in the titlebar of the web browser, the opening heading, and this opening paragraph.

Plant Name Seeds Supplier Purchase Date Cost Storage Location Classification
Cherry Tomato 'Sweet One Million' 10 Park Seed Co., Inc. March 18, 1995 3.49 Refrigerator TV
Pea 'Super Sugar Mel' 200 Park Seed Co., Inc. March 18, 1995 4.99 Refrigerator HV
Aquilegea chrysantha 'Yellow Star' 29 Thompson & Morgan, Inc. January 12, 1996 3.99 Refrigerator HP, Zone 4-9
Carrot 'Bertan'   Stokes Seeds Limited February 14, 1997 2.99 Freezer HHV
Echinacea purparea 'Bravado' 100 Stokes Seeds Limited February 14, 1997 1.99 Freezer HP, Zone 3-9
Impatiens walleriana 'Accent Red' 50 Drysdale Seed Company January 8, 1999   Freezer HA, Zone 10-11
Campanula lactiflora 100 Vesey's Seeds February 10, 1999 2.99 Refrigerator HP, Zone 4-8

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