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Planning a Growing Season

SeedPlanner allows you to easily plan your seed growing seasons. To start planning, you add Sowing Plans to entries in your seed inventory in an Inventory View.

In the Sowing Plan you specify how you want to grow the seeds and resulting plants, the approximate number of seeds you wish to sow, and the desired sowing date. SeedPlanner provides recommended sowing dates for you based on your Frost Dates.

Sample Sowing Plan
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As soon as you have at least one sowing plan, you can use SeedPlanner's Timeline View to view and interactively refine your plan.

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The Timeline View displays a timeline bar for each sowing plan you have created. Each timeline bar has a number of events on it, which represent the pre-sowing treatment dates, the sowing date, the approximate germination dates, and plant-out and maturity dates. The bars are color coded to indicate whether events take place indoors or outdoors.

The Timeline View also shows you the time period during which you can expect frost in your garden.

Timeline bars can be interactively dragged using your mouse. As you move a timeline bar, the modified event dates are displayed. SeedPlanner also displays Restrictions (determined from your Frost Dates), which are areas you can not drag the timeline bar into, to ensure that you sow seeds only when it makes sense in your area.

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You can easily change all of the colors used in the Timeline View, as shown in the upcoming section on Program Options.

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